Renowned metal fabrication firm located in the West Midlands

Dependable metal fabrication specialists

Founded in 1985, the Fereday Cylinder Company began in a small unit in Old Hill. Since then, we’ve relocated twice and now operate from our modern facility in Dudley, West Midlands. Our commitment to growth goes beyond physical expansion. We continuously enhance our expertise, enabling us to tackle complex projects. With ongoing training for our metal fabricators and regular machinery upgrades, we maintain high standards, ensuring our customers receive cutting-edge products synonymous with our name.

Our team is the cornerstone of our success today

You, our valued customers, are the primary focus of our business. Following closely, our employees stand as our next invaluable asset. With many of our metal fabricators boasting over two decades of tenure, their expertise reflects the supportive workplace we foster. Our dedicated team, carefully selected for their passion and proficiency, possess a diverse set of metal fabrication skills. Over the years, they’ve tackled numerous intricate metal forming and bending projects, approaching each order with unwavering enthusiasm and precision, ensuring that every task receives the same level of dedication as our first.

Dependable metal fabrication specialists

Our company is renowned in the West Midlands for delivering top-notch fabricated metal products, alongside efficient and professional service tailored to your requirements. Numerous returning customers have not only appreciated our high standards but have also enthusiastically recommended our services to their family and friends.